1904.The vanguard, a tale of Korea

1904.The vanguard, a tale of Korea (1904)

Author: Gale, James Scarth, 1863-1937

Sea of Japan: Sea of Japan
Yellow Sea: Yellow Sea

Sea of Japan
With Gilbert and Foster to translate, and Willis to or-ganize a carrying combine, they were pushed to the far-thest limits of the land. A way up on the Yalu they were to be found papering the walls, sometimes upside down and inside out, but, "never mind, send on more";on to distant Russia, and away east into the little hamlets by the Sea of Japan.

Yellow sea
Steamers of from four to seven hundred tons, manned partly by Japanese, partly by Korens, make two or three trips a week, starting from Chemulpo. He would take one of these and join the frineds who had gone before him, and add his hallelujah. How glorious the day! A lovely summer sun shimmerered across the Yellow Sea and sampans with their sails tripped the shadows here and there.

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