1889.Corea and the powers: a review of the Far Eastern question, with appendices

Corea and the powers: a review of the Far Eastern question, with appendices (1889)
Author: Duncan, Chesney, b. 1854
Publisher: Shanghai, "Shanghai Mercury" Office

Text P47: Sea of Japan
"some pessmist lately was depreciating the claims of modern mechanics to the panegyrics commonly bestowed. To his fancy the markers of interoceanic canals and intercontinental railways seem conspirators bent on defrauging the globe of its rightful dimensions.He sees no good in having the world made smaller to traverse; and the Through Siberian line must not expect eulogy from him. To most minds, without heed of the motives of its designers, it will appear a magnificent conception and a large future boon to humanity. It is no light thing that the transit, whether for plreasure or for business, from London to the shores of the Sea of Japan ashould be able to be accomplished in eighteen days. Englishmen will admire; they need not be envious. For them the moral is that England, while not grudging to Russia, or declining to profit by, and advantages of the undertaking, should employ speedily its own means for effectiong analogus abridgments of time and space. Many correspondents are prepared to remind the British public of the profit the Empire might derive, for instance, from a railway alon the Euphrates Valley. That and other land routes to and through Asia have doubtlesstheir adventages.

east coast (Not East Sea)

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