Korean's wicked ambitions on JAPAN EXPO about anti-Sea of Japan .

korean' anti-Japan propaganda campaign at JAPAN EXPO in Paris.

This is the cache of Korean kumdo exhibision for Japan EXPO 2011. Korean Kumdo organization is one of the notorious revisionist group based on Korean ethno-centrism with anti-Japan propaganda . The Korean groups spread fake history of kumdo trying to steal Japan's kendo tradition, history and fame.

There was Korean's wicked ambitious to re-write and steal Japanese history and culture of origin and Sea of Japan too.

“The way of the sunbeam which spreads light over the East Sea: that’s what Haidong Gumdo literally means. 

This explanation by the Korean group that "Haidong"(Or haedong), (海東) means "East Sea" is DISTORTURE. It means sea of Japan when Korean wrote East Sea .
Correct translation is "Haidong(海東) means "We(Korea) are in the east of China across the (China) Sea " It is not the East Sea but it is east across the sea from China"

Haidong (or haedong:海東) DOESNT means Sea of Japan (or East (korea) Sea). It means nickname of Bolhae (渤海, located on Manchuria, not Korea) named by China Tang dynasty, and later "Joseon(朝鮮:Korea).  There are korean peninsula , located on East(東) of China across the sea(海) . So Korea "they are Haedong"(East across the sea). Acient times, China is center of Asia.

Sigi (史記) Story of Joseon(Korea:朝鮮列伝)
Crown Prince Dan of Yan escaped to Liao-Tong.(遼東) , Wiman(衛満) was gathering Haedong海東 with their refugees of Yan

(New Tang-record)新唐書「海東盛国」 〔Tang dynasty named Bolhae as "East (of Tang(China)) across the sea.

The text below is quote from :http://www.japan-expo.com/en/actu/the-sword-according-to-haidong-gumdo_598.htm.
(The original page was removed, this is copy from googlecache ,27th April 2011/ 23:06:53)

The sword according to Haidong Gumdo
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Published on 13/04/2011 - Edition 2011

After Japanese martial arts, Japan Expo proposes to discover, for the very first time, Haidong Gumdo, the Korean traditional sword martial art!

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“The way of the sunbeam which spreads light over the East Sea: that’s what Haidong Gumdo literally means. This Korean martial art finds its roots in the ancient techniques of the Goguryeo kingdom warriors.

Haidong Gumdo is made of dynamic, powerful and aesthetic movements. Don’t miss the demonstrations by the Haidong Gumdo French Federation at Japan Expo! And why not try it yourself?


I really surprised that those anti-Japan propaganda Korean ethno-centrist group which abuses hisotircal and traditional distorture ,try to join in JAPAN EXPO as their fabricated anti-Japan Propaganda incruding anti-Sea of Japan . It is really shame on Korean.


additional; Korean connection, seems like copy of Japan Expo, explains Ninjutsu(忍術) is Korean marshall arts. Shame.

-----quote http://www.koreanconnection.org/kc2011/------

Let’s Meet Korea !

Let’s imagine a time and place where we can share our passion for this country. Let’s imagine an event where we can discover the Korean way of life. This is possible soon on Sunday、 May 8th 2011、 from 9 am to 7 pm at Espace Champerret、 Paris、 France.

This event will probably be the first one by its nature and its scale in France and even in Europe.

Main animations planned (provisional) :

- Korean martial art exhibitions: Taekwondo、 Hapkido、 Taekkyon、 Haidong-Gumdo、 Soo Bak Do、 Ninjutsu.


Ofcoruse Taekwondo、(Karate from Japan)、 Haidong-Gumdo (original is Kendo in Japan) Ninjutsu. (original in ninja in japan) are Japan origin marshall arts.