1904.Korea. by Hamilton, A. (Angus)

Korea (1904)http://www.archive.org/details/korea00hamigoog
Hamilton, A. (Angus), 1874-1913 New York, C. Scribner's sons
Year: 1904

Sea of Japan: Sea of Japan
Broughton bay: Broughton Bay
Yellow Sea: Yellow Sea

Chapter Ⅰ
P7 (N61)

Englishmen were not the sole navigators who were attracted by the unknown character  of the land, and the surpassing dangers of the waters, around the Island of Quelpart, wherre the Sea of Japan mingles in tempestu-ous chaos with the Yellow Sea. Russian and French navigators also worked their way throught the danger-ous shoals and quicksands, along the tortuous and muddy rivers, into the harbours and throught the narrow straits which hold back these islands from the main land. The shores teem with the distinguished name of men of science and sons of the high seas.  Following the curl and twist of its configuration a host of buried names are revealed, the last evidence of men who are dead and forgotten. It is infinitely patheric that even this one last resting-place should b e denied to their reputations. ,who shares Broughton's Bay; Unkoffsky, who foundered in the waters of the bay which is described by his name; the ill-fated La Perouse, who, in June, 1787, discovered in the Sea of Japan an island which now bears the name of the astronomer-Dagelet. Durock, Pelisier, Schwartz, and the rest- what echo do we find of them, their fates, and subsequent careerrs? Should not their names at least bear witness to their pains and labours, to the difficulties which they faced, to the small joy of something attempted something done, wich was their sole consolation for may hours of cheerless and empty vigil?

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