1880.A Forbidden Land: Voyages to the Corea

A Forbidden Land: Voyages to the Corea (1880)
Ernst Jacob Oppert , Ernst Oppert
(Germam Original version here:)

I already post about Dagalet description on 1/10/2009, I forgot to upload the text of the description of Sea of Japan and so on. so I write hereby again.

text(p10 X):Sea of Japan.

Probably at no distant period those Powers which have an interest at stake in Eastern Asia will beompelled, with or against their will, to take into consideration what may be termed the Corean question-we may hope ere it is too late. The whole of the East Coast as far as the Tumen is already in the posession of Russia; a very small army and a few war-vessels are all that is required to occupy and hold permanently the Corean peninsula,kand if Russian chooses, she may at any moment make herself master of the entire Eastern Coast of Asia down to the Sea of Japan. And rather than see the present state of things continues, it might be preferable to have the Corea taken possession of by Russia;;at all events, it would then be made accessible, and cease to continue a monckery to the world.

The Japan Sea P11.
II have already mentioned that most of the Coreans claim to be in complete darkness and ignorance of their own origin; some declare quite seriously tha their ancestors have sprung from a black cow on the shores of the Japan Sea, while others again, and notably the larger and more important families, ascribe their origin to a somewhat mysterious and supernatulral cause. Those legends, very serously transmitted and related, enjoy to this day a kind of lauful acknowledgement and recognition, as many well informed native assert; with the lower classes, however, they find no belief, and are explained and commented upon by the people in a manner irreverant as well as prosaic.

Strait of Corea (Page 1)
In the most easterly part of the Asiatic continent, separrated from the Chinese Empire by the great Yalou River and by a formidable mountain range, called the "Tchan pe chang, or Pe theu shan"(the Whiteheaded Mountains,)( a large peninsula, forming the present kingdom of Corea, stretches from the 42-19 deg- N. latitude far southward to the shores of the Straits of Corea.

east coast(Not East Sea)
Hankien \ Kang Ouen on the east coast and Kjon-tsan. /

Pieng'an \ Hoang-hai Kien-kei on the west coast Tson-tson Tsiel-la /


They would express Korean called "east sea" as a recognization of just a east coast of Korean peninsula. The "east coast (of Corea) is different recognization of Sea of Japan because they clearly state the name of Sea of Japan in the texts

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