Korean dont know the correct Takeshima position in the Sea of Japan.

Coffee break: Kim Taehee's Dokdo propaganda campaign T-shirts.
The Gif animation image is Kim Tae-hee's the Propaganda T-shirts in Swiss , although Swiss side refused their propaganda campaign for "Dokdo" .

I made a GIF animation images to analysis the position of Argonaut(not exist), Ulleungdo (Dagelet), and Shimane-Takeshima (Liancourt Rocks)
click here to my gif animation:

This T-shirts shows that Korean doesn't know the correct positon of Takeshima-Liancourt Rocks.

This T-shirt, so-called "Dokdo Tshirt"  ,base design by Ssamzie.
  ( see here. http://www.kukinews.com/gallery/pictorial_view.asp?pNo=168

 I told to my Korean freinds about the position of Ulluengdo, Jukdo(Boussoule Rocks) and Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) , she also didn't tell correct postition and distance from Ulleungdo to Liancourt Rocks and she surprised how far Shimane-Takeshima to Ulluengdo.

Also, I recieved the replies from Swiss embassy about the issue of Kim Taehee's propaganda campaign in Switzerland. Switzerland doesn't denies Kim Taehee's plan to promote the propaganda campaign. but Swiss side made their propaganda stopped.

*By the way some website quote my gif animation without description my site adress (tok16.com/otakeshimaoxdokdox), are not welcome. It is okay if there describes my url when you quote this gif animation.