1879.History of Corea, ancient and modern; with description of manners and customs, language and geography

History of Corea, ancient and modern; with description of manners and customs, language and geography (1879)
Author: Ross, John, 1842-1915
Publisher: Paisley [Scotland] J. and R. Parlane

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The Yowchow commandant started a kingship in 380, and summoned all post-holders in the north to his  standard. He was doomed to disappointment;for from Ki in the west to Sinlo on the Japan sea, a unanimous reply was sent, tha they were the servants of the emperror, and would have no connection with rebels.

Geography Sea of japan Broughton bay(Yunghing-bay) 、Yellow sea
The beautifully clear waters of the wide and deep Yaloo separate Corean from Chinese soil, along its course from its source in Changbaishan to the point where it falls into the Yellow Sea near Takushan. The Toomun, also rising in Changbaishan, separates the northern border of Corea from both Chinese and Russian territory. The Japan Sea devides it from Japan, and the Yellow Sea washes its south ans south-west coasts.

The following notes on the coast of Corea are gleaned out of the China Pilot, published by the Admiralty, London. Those on the east coast are principally from the surveying voyage of the Russian frigate Pallas, which sailed along the shore in 1854; which survey was indirectly, the cause of the murder of the French missionaries (P.293) Chosan harbour, another name for Foosan, is pronounced one of the most important of Corean ports, because it is the entrepot of the Japanese trade; - but that was in the nd of the eighteenth century, when Broughton gave it that name. The neighbouring shores are populous, spotted with many villages, by which numerous streams fall into the sea. The coast for full sixty miles N.E of this harbour is very mountainous and barren desert. CAPE CLONARD , in lat. 36 5 3/4N is south side of the Bay of Unkofsky, which is four miles wide at the mouth, trends south-west with good anchourage in deep water, though the neigbourhood of the cape is unsafe. PIINGHAI harbour, sheltered by an island, is 30 miles further north than Clonard, the shores steep and the water deep. The high mountain Popof is west of CAPE PELISSIER, to the north of Unkofsky bay. Thence the the desolate coast runs 120 miles NNW to Cape Duroch. Sedlovoya, or Saddle-mountain , rises high in lat 38 10 1/2 N. DUROCH is the cape forming the southern point of Broughton Bay, which is ninety-three miles wide and fifty-five miles deep. Twenty-four miles W.N.W from CAPE PETIT THOUARS, the north of Broughton Bay, rises MT.Hienfung, 8113 feet high; the Belavenz mountains, fifteen miles S.W of Cape Duroch, being 5092 and 5884 feeet. Immidiately to the north of Broughton Bay is YUNGHING BAY, with the excellent harbour of Port Lezaref, into which falls the large Dungan river, its various braeches occupying the whole plain between two ranges of hills, and winding from one side to the other . ..................... .here Pallas finished her survey.

Territory of Corea;width (P396)
Corea stretches from 33.15 to 42.31 N. lat; and 122.15 to 131.10 E long. Hence the greatest length of its mainland is as the bird flies, about 600 miles , and greatest breadth , east to west ,over 300 miles. The Chinese account is therefore not so far out, when we remmber that the calculation is along the road, which, in so mountainous a coutry, has necessarily many winding turns between Onseng and Hainam.

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