1875 c.a Mirror Map of Japan by Matsuura Takeshiro  松浦武四郎 金森弥輔 地図大鏡.

Few days ago Id been to Ise-Jingu (伊勢神宮) and on my way back home eventually I found a memorial museum of Matuura Takeshirou (1818-1888)(松浦武四郎記念館) who is famous explorer of Japan around 19th century and id stopover there..

I ask some question to the staff of the memorial museum curator and he adviced me the existence of Mirror map of Japan by Matuura Takeshiro which was gifted to the Nikko-Toushougu (日光東照宮)

The map is made by Kanamori Yasuke 金森弥輔.

He adviced me about the map, on the map, Japan islet and Karafuto(樺太),Kurils(千島列島)、 Riu-chu(琉球), Bonin islets(無人島) are written upside-down (north is downside and south part is upside and west is right side and east is leftside) and he write 東照る神の御威稜みいづは北の海 南の小嶋西の国はて.

It is for sure the map  an island island west of Oki islets(隠岐諸島) is written in.  It seems Ulleungdo or Liancourt Rocks, unfortunately I cannot confirm what is written in the map it is too small images which the curator gave me...

Later I will upload the images