1894.Story of China and Japan, embracing their geographical positions

Story of China and Japan, embracing their geographical positions, enormous resources, wealth, emperors and courts, governments and people, manners and customs, how the people of these great nations live and die and maintain in oriental splendor the China and Japan of to-day, together with a sketch of Corea, and the Coreans (1894)

Author: Clark, James Hyde. [from old catalog]
Publisher: [n.p.] Oriental Pub. Co


text: Sea of Japan (p232)
Formaly the southern portion of Sahalien belonging to Japan, but this was ceded to Russia in 1875, certain of the Kurile Island group being granted in return. The Empire of Japan thus has an  area estimated at more than one hundred and fifty-five thousand square miles, and lies between 24.6-50.56 nothern latitude and 122.45-156.32east longtitude. . It is bounded on the north by the Sea of Okhotsuk, on the east by the North Pacific Ocean, on the south by the eastern Sea of China, and on the west by the Sea of Japan.

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