Korean Revisionist/fassist protest against Education office on New York City about Sea of Japan.

Korean Revisionist/fassist protest against Education office on New York City about Sea of Japan.

On 14th of september, According to the Donga news (South Korea) here,

Korean resident in New York association they protest agains Sea of Japan and re-write East Sea with Distorted Story.

South Korean in NY city, Choi Yunghee distorts to claims that "the name of Sea of Japan was used after World War 2" on the meeting and they protest rewrite Sea of Japan into (Korea)East Sea.

Ofcourse, reading this blog, we can easily refute his distorted anti-Japanese propganda by brainwashed fasist Korean. Korean's shabby claims is nonsense .

check:Korean use the name of Sea of Japan before Japanese annexatin of Korea 1910:


GEBCO chart Sea of Japan

GEBCO is stand for "General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans", one of the foundamental international association of chart study, established by Prince Albert I of Monaco in the chair

Consequently, the 7th International Geographic Congress (Berlin, 1899) nominated a Commission on sub-oceanic nomenclature, which was also responsible for the publication of a general bathymetric chart. The Commission convened in Wiesbaden (April 15-16, 1903), with Prince Albert I of Monaco in the chair, and adopted the characteristics defined in a memorandum by J. Thoulet. The 24 sheets of Carte générale bathymétrique des océans printed in Paris in 1905, hastily prepared, were harshly criticised by E. de Margerie.

The description of Sea of Japan as follows;

1st edition (1904) Sea of Japan : Bassin du Japon
Strait of Korea:nil
Broughton bay:nil
Yellow Sea:nil
East (China) Sea:nil

2nd edition (1914) Sea of Japan : Mer du Japon
Strait of Korea:Det de Tsushima
Broughton bay:nil
Yellow Sea: Mer Jaune
East (China) Sea:Mer Du Cin Orientale


"Sea of Japan" was used as intenrnational conventional words in each countries e.g. U.K, U.S ,France, German and so on. Those situation was quoted by International organization e.g. GEBCO on 1904 charts. So It can concluded that the Korean claims that "Sea of Japan is colonial/expansionist name" is distorure.