1902.Corean Words and Phrases ,John W. Hodge

Corean Words and Phrases: Being a Handbook and Pocket Dictionary for Visitors to Corea (1902)
Author: John W. Hodge
Publisher: Seoul press

Sea of Japan:
Sea of Japan
Yellow Sea :Yellow Sea

Page 265 (n285) river

River, A Kang X (Some of the chief rivers in Corean: In the north, Am-nock-kang XXX, emptying itself into the Yellow Sea ; To-man-kang XXX, emptying itself into the Sea of Japan. On the West Coast: Tchung-fchuu-kang XXX;lTai-tong-kang XXX; Han-kang XX; Chang-pbau-kang XXX; Keum-kang XX; Yong-san-kang XXX. On the south coast : Ack-yang-kang XXX, Nuk-tong-kang XXX

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