1895.Quaint Korea , by Miln, Louise Jordan

Quaint Korea (1895)
Author: Miln, Louise Jordan, 1864-1933

Sea of Japan: Sea of Japan
Yellow Sea: Yellow Sea


Korea is a most distressingly hilly country.
If you elect to go for a decent stroll,
it is a matter of climbing a hill,and
when you reach the summit of the hill
it is a matter of tumbling down the other side,
to scramble up another hill, and and downs,
even though you go north until you reach the
" Ever White Mountain," and, in reaching it,
reach the " River of the Duck's Green,"
which, flowing towards the south,divides Korea
from China; reach the Tu Man Rang which,
flowing towards the north-east, divides Korea
from the territory of the Tsar. Up and down
it will be, even though you push east
until you reach the purple " Sea of Japan."
Still up and down you will find it,
although you go as far south, or as far west,
as Korea goes, and find yourself
on the shores of China's " Yellow Sea."
Korea looks like a stage storm-at-sea.
Its hills are so many that they lose their grandeur,
as individuality is lost in multitude.

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