1888.The principles and practice of medicine in Corea

The principles and practice of medicine in Corea (1888)
Author: Cowan, Frank, 1844-1905
Subject: Medicine

Sea of Japan:Japan Sea
Zoologic-Lists of mammals, birds, and fish, obtained from an examination of the packs of skins and boats of the fishermen in the ports, and from observation during my excursionsl collections of butterflies and beetles, of which I made a specialty. I was surprised at the large number of whales in the Japan Sea, north of Cape Peliseier. In one forenooon, I counted as many as fourteen, sperm and scragland during the voyage, without keeping a special lookout, twenty-four. The large oyster, which abounds in the great harbour of Genzanshin, is equal to the second quality of American oyster. With respect to the large pearls of Corea, to which frequent allusion is made in Chinese history, I found nonel; ornaments, in fact, being rare, limited to several only for the hair and hat, of jade, tortoise-shell, lead, and felspar.

Eastern coast. (Not East Sea)

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