Year unknown: 日韓合併策(Till 1910)

Year unknown: 日韓合併策(Till 1910)

1 政府は左の三か所に完全なる漁業港を設定し朝鮮東西南三海面の漁業を支配すること。
Goverment shouuld assign three complete fishery port aimed for control East,West,and south area of Korean fishery industry.

元山 日本海    (Wonsan: Japan Sea) (*East: Sea of Japan)
馬山 朝鮮海    (Masan: Joseon Sea) (*South:Around Strait of Korea)
群山 黄海      (Gunsan: Yellow Sea) (*West)

The google map below shows the three fishery port above. Northeast port is wonsan元山 for Sea of Japan, West port is 群山 for Yellow Sea, and South port is Masan馬山 for Strait of Korea area(朝鮮海 in the article above).

より大きな地図で 日韓合併策(~1910)三漁業港 を表示

View from this article, Japanese doesnt conside Japan Sea日本海 and Joseonsea朝鮮海 are same definiation. They clealy distinguished the difference of Japan Sea and Korean sea (around strait of Korea)

Korean's claim that Japanese called sea of Japan as "Korean sea" around 1890, is wrong information.

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