1863.The Chinese commercial guide

The Chinese commercial guide : containing treaties, tariffs, regulations, tables, etc useful in the trade to China & Eastern Asia : with an appendix of sailing directions for those seas and coasts (1863) http://www.archive.org/details/chinesecommerci00willgoog

Table of positions on the coast of china ,korea, and tartary, and off-lying islands; and in the sea of Japan, gulf of Tartary, and sea of Okohtsk
Sea of Japan and Gulf of Tartary.

In the secton they have data about Liancourt Rocks(Takeshima Japan today), and Matusima(Ullengdo,Dagelet today)
Place/Paticular spot/ latitude north/Longtitude east/Authorises
Tsu sima
Matu sima Peak . . . 37 22 0 130 56 Russian frigate Pallas, 1854
Liancourt Rocks . . . 37 14 0 131 55 H.M.S Hornet 1855

1898.Coronet memories : log of schooner-yacht Coronet on her off-shore cruises from 1893 to 1899 (1899)
Japan Sea
attached map

Shimonoseki means Lower Barrier. Here we arrived this morning about noon, but insteado f anchoring at once we went past the harbor and around the Island Rokuren, returning to Shimonoseki at half-past one. The harbor entrance, both from the strait and from the Japan Sea, is guarded by strong forts, commanding wide views in every direction. The bay is fillled with junks, sailing vessels, and steamers, the latter coaling here for the voyage to foreign countries, as well as throuhg the Inland Sea. This is free port for both rice and coal. While anchoring a French mail steamer bound for Kobe passed us. This strait was the scene of great activity during the long war, as all the tranports started from here.Mr Halsey was living here at that time , and has pointed out all the interesting places.

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