Still bundangbear running away like chicken?

There are stupid Youtube video by fatman, bundangbear who support Korean ethnocentrist/fascist/right winger.

The title claims it is east sea, not sea of japan which is Colonialist name, must go!
동해! 日本海ではない! The Sea of Japan is a Colonialist Name, Must Go!

Ofcourse every reader of my blog can refute his claim on the video because it is obvious that Sea of Japan is Age of voyage n travel name and it is not Japan Imperial's colonialist name.

one years ago I post many commment on bundangbear' pages that confirms Sea of Japan is Never Colonialist Name with variety of sources. Finally this stupid guy blocks me from the video.

He is not "brave bear", just a runnung chickenshit.

Yea today I confirmed again this guys still blocks my comments.
It is because he realises his propagand is false and difficult to rebutt my comments.

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