1837.North-Pole centralized map of the world.(極中心世界地図)

I asked to the Kobe City Museum about the map of North-Pole ccentralized map of the world.(極中心世界地図) published on 1837 (Japan edo-era Tempotenn 天保8)and they replies as follows;

Asking to the curator of the Kobe City Museum, the description on the map as follows;
Sea of Japan describes Sea of Japan/Yatsuhon-kai(Japon Sea)
East China Sea is 支那海”China Sea"
At the Korean strait there describes something, but it is unable to read it because too small.

Thank you Kobe Museum!

The map image of the website of Kobe city museum (but it is not clear so I asked them about hte detailed descriptions of hydrographic name)


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