Greedy Korean try to steal not only Japan Sea but also Yellow Sea

Today I got to know Google Earth switches the name of the Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea for each language version.

See Japanese version you can see Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea-West Sea, and East (China) Sea.
Ofcourse there are no Japanese who call West sea instead of Yellow sea. Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea is globally established name.

In Chinese version there are wield two East Sea (Donghae(東海)) at the East China Sea(True East Sea) and at Sea of Japan (fake korean east sea)
In addition, there are Yellow Sea ofcourse. No (Korean fake) west sea there.

Korean version says Donghae, West Sea (Sohae) insteaad of Yellow Sea.
and it is strange that true East Sea (East China Sea) have "China" , but fake Korean East Sea have nothing "Korea" , just simple East Sea, which used to be East (China) Sea!
They doen't write not only Japan Sea and Yellow Sea!
What a unfair Google Earth?

Check other language version.
English version
Sea of Japan East sea/
Yellow Sea West sea
East China Sea

Mer du Japan Mer d Est 
Mer Jaune Mer de I'Ouest
Mer de Chine orientale

Mer de Japon Mer del este
Mer Amarillo Mer Occidental
Mer de China Orientale

What is wield East Sea? Simply East Sea means East China Sea! It is not East Sea at the place of sea of Japan. also , what is West sea? Simply the sea is Yellow Sea, not West sea which korean claims.
Instead of East Sea and West Sea, there are East Korean gulf(東朝鮮湾) and West Korean gulf(西朝鮮湾), which is true "East or West Sea" in Korean language.

To decieve Japanese and Chinese and support Korean fascism like ethno-centrist propaganda, Google put sigle name on Sea of Japan at the Japanese version and on Yellow sea for Chinese version. But actually Google support Korean fascist propaganda and they put twin name on those seas.

Fake East (Korean) sea is not international hydrographic name.
The official name of Sea of Japan in International Hydrographic Office is "Japan Sea", not East Sea. In the same way, Official name of Yellow Sea is Yellow sea, not "West Sea" both of which Korean revisionist claims and spamms. Check S-23 publication of IHO.

50:Eastern China Sea (Tung Hai)
Mer du Chine Orientale.

51. Yellow Sea (Huang hai)
Mer Jenne

52 Japan Sea
Mer du Japon

This is Official international name.

Google earth must stop support Korean revisionist fasism propaganda against Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea! Google earth must stop commiting fascism propaganda by South Korean.

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