The Defenition of "Sea of Japan " is as follows on S-23

U.S. asks IHO if ‘East Sea’ could be in index
August 12, 2011
WASHINGTON - The United States government has asked the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) to consider using East Sea as an “alternate name” for the Sea of Japan in the appendix of its internationally recognized publication, a diplomatic source told the JoongAng Ilbo on Tuesday.
The move came after the Korean public responded angrily to reports that a U.S. government agency informed the international authority of its support for the sole use of the Sea of Japan to refer to the body of water that lies east of the Korean Peninsula.
Koreans have called it the East Sea for the past 2,000 years, according to historical documents. Seoul has maintained that the IHO should use its preferred name together with the Sea of Japan.
The United States, the source said, told the IHO to consider possibly listing the East Sea as an alternate name in its appendix, as it would be difficult to use both names simultaneously in the main text of its authoritative publication on the names and locations of bodies of water.
“Including the East Sea in the appendix can show that it is being used as another name for the Sea of Japan,” the diplomatic source said.
By Park Seung-hee [joe@joongang.co.kr]

I guess the proposal is ,to using Sea of Japan in chart, and to add the text " Korean call it "East Sea"? on the S-23 publication as follows? Actually the "East Sea" is not the Sea of Japan which Defined in the S-23 publication by IHO. "East Sea" is just a concept around east coast of Korean coast, which is just a one part of Sea of Japan. Today, Korean distorts it is East Sea.

The Defenition of "Sea of Japan " is as follows on S-23
PDF page 34. Article 52 "Sea of Japan".
52.-Japan Sea/
On the Southwest
The Northeastern limit of the Eastern China Sea (50) and the Western Limit of the Inland Sea (53.

On the Southeast
In Simonoseki Kaikyo
A line running from Nagoya Saki (130"49'.05E) in Kyusyu through the island of Uma Sima and Muture Sima (33"58'05 N) to Murasaki Hana (34"01' N) in Honsyu.

On the East
In the Tsugaru Kaiko
From the extremity of Siraya Saki (141"28' E) to the extremity of Esan Saki (41"48' N)

On the Northeast
In La Perouse Strait (Soya Kaikyo)   
A line joining Soni Misaki and ishi Notoro Misaki (45"55' N)

On the North
From Cape Tuik (51"45.7 N) to Cape Suchcheva.

It is because they want single description only "East Sea" and wanna abolish Sea of Japan in the future, and writing both names simultaneously is just a one process to thier wicked goal, so they refuse this proposal.

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