1846.A Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer

A Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer: Containing Topographical, Statistical ... (1846)

Thomas Baldwin
Publisher: Lindsay & Blakiston
Year: 1846

TEXT:the Sea of Japan
JAPAN, SEA OF, is situated between the Japanese islands and the E coast of Asia, extending from about 34" to 52"N Lat (if we include the Gulf of Tartary, at the N. extremity) and from 127"20 to 142"E Lon. Its length is about 1400km; greatest breadth above 500m

AMOR(AMUR or AMUUR)< called also the SAGHALIAN, a !g-hal!e-an, a large r. in the E part of Asia, formed by the union of the Argoon and Shilka, in about 53"N.Lat and 121"E Lon. Its general course is easterly , and it empties itself into the Gulf of Saghalian, between the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk, in Lat. 52230'N. Long about 140"E. Entire length, including the Argoon, its principal branch, above, 2000m

MANT=CHOO=RIA or MANDSHOORja, a country in the N.E part of Asia, belonging to China, between 41'and 56" Lat. and 117" and 140" E Lon. and bordering on the Sea of Japan. It is chiefly remarkable as the original seat of the present ruling dynasty of China. The inhabitants are Tartars=Adj, and inhab, Mant-choo.

(Nothing details about the name of the sea)

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