1896.Problems of the Far East, Japan--Korea--China

Problems of the Far East, Japan--Korea--China (1896)
Author: Curzon, George Nathaniel Curzon, Marquis of, 1859-1925
Publisher: Westminster : A. Constable and Co.

attached map of Korea: nothing name of marginal sea between japan and korea.
But Broughton Bay or Koraen gulf was written in east korean gulf today

text:the Sea of Japan
In the negotiations that passed between the respective Governments it was obvious, indeed, that what China shrank from, and what Korea dreaded, was not the establishment of a British naval or coaling station, or even of a British maritime fortress in the mouth of the Sea of Japan, but the chance of a corresponding Russian movement in some neighbouring quarter; and both Powers were grateful for a step which forced th land of Rusia, and compelled her to give a guarantee, which lent a renewed lease of life to the phantom of Korean integrity , and has so far saved the little kingdom from sudden or surreptitious deglutition at the hands of her formidable neighbour.

Korean said "the name of Sea of Japan is spread after annexaton of Korea on 1910?" The name of sea of Japan already established as a international conventional words far before annexation.. 2003.02.13.Korean lies more 671 times than Japanese do. Ofcourse bloggers here already recognize Korean claims is filled up with distorture.

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