1905.The Far East

The Far East (1905)
Author: Little, Archibald John, 1838-1908
Subject: East Asia; China
Publisher: Oxford : The Clarendon Press


Corea, another of the whilom dependencies of China, but, since 1895, and independent "empire" comes next on our list. This, the Hermit Kingdom as it used to be called, lies between the Yellow Sea of China on the west and the Sea of Japan on the east and distant from either country about one hundred miles to the nearest point of the opposite shores:-the province of Shantung in China and that of Kiushiu in Japan.

Attached map:

Sea of Japan:SEA OF JAPAN
Strait of Korea:Korea Strait
East (China) Sea:EASTERN SEA


Sea of Japan:SEA OF JAPAN
Broughton Bay: Broughton B
Strait of Korea:----
Yellow Sea:Yellow Sea
East (China) Sea:East China Sea

*Aye, this map made on 1905, it is earlier than Japan annexed Korea on 1910. So Korean claim which "the name of Sea of Japan established under the colonial rule of Korea", is distorture. Japan and Korea deveides their name, one is Sea of Japan ,the oher is Strait of Korea (and East Korean gulf-Broughton bay)

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