1904.Geography of Asia

Geography of Asia (1904)
Author: Charles Daniel Tenney
Publisher: Macmillan

attached map: Sea of Japan, Korea Strait, Yellow Sea ,East China Sea or Tunghai.

(By the way, in the map Ulluengdo describes as Dagelet)

Text:Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea
Corea, or Chosen (高麗即朝鮮)is a peninsula situated between the Yellow Sea(黄海) and the Japan Sea(日本海).It is bounded on the north by Manchuria, on the north-east by Siberia, on the east by the Japan Sea, on the south by the Channel of Corea, and on the west by the Yellow Sea. .
Japan (日本) The Empre of Japan consists of a long chain of islands separeted from Asia bythe sea of Okotsuk and the Japan Sea. It commences with the Kurile Islands on the north and ends with Formosa on the south; it extends from the latitude of Hei-lung-chaing to that of Kuangtung. The total number of islands is about 3000.

Aye, this map made on 1904 it is earlier than Japan annexed Korea on 1910. So Korean claim which "the name of Sea of Japan established under the colonial rule of Korea", is distorture.
Korean abuses lies more 671 times than Japanese (Donga ilbo)

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