Asia (1897)

Author: Frank George Carpenter
Publisher: American Book Co.


Attached Map: Sea of Japan


Attached map2: Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea

text:Yellow Sea
We cross the Tenisi and ranches of the Obi and finally reach the boundary of Europe near the Uran Mountains. As our train stops in one of the passes we take out last look at Asia and the great country of Siberia through which we have come, seeing in our minds this mighty trnk line, which now reaches from here to the Pacific Ocean , and by a branch line through Manchuria to the Yellow Sea and inland to Peking.

Text:east coast (of Korea)
But let us travel over the mountains, and visit the great city of Seoul. It tis the largest city of Korea, and it is the home of the king and his court. It is only twenty-six miles from Chemulpo, the chif seaport harlfway up the east coast, and there is now a railroad connectiong to the two places.

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