1873.China Sea Directory," 1st Edition Vol. 4 (1873) UK

The description of hydrographic magazine by UK admirary office (hidrographic office)
The already Use the global standard name of Sea of Japan. It shows "the name of Sea of Japan" is not the name which Japan forced Korea call it as the result of annexation. So It is confirmed that Korean claim is distorted.

1873.China Sea Directory," 1st Edition Vol. 4 (1873) UK
Chapter 3 Sea of Japan and coast of Korea....
Korea Strait * divides the south-east coast of Korea frm the south-west coast of the Japan islands; it is split into two channels by Tsu shima.

Sea of Japan, bounded on the east and south by the Japan island, and on the west and north-west by coast of Korea and Russian Tartary is about 900 miles long, N.N.E and S.S.W, and 600miles East, and West, at its broadest part. Surronded by land on all sides, This area is only accessible by the following narrow passages:-To the south by the Korea strait, which connect it with the China Sea; to the east by La Perouse and Tsugar straits, by which it communicates with the Pacificland to the north by the gulf of Tartary ,through which it communicates with the sea of Okhotsuk by the gulf of Amurl this area is ,as far as is known, clear of rocks or dangerous with the following exceptions*:

Broughton Bay-(Korea gulf) is 93 miles wide between cape Duroch on the south and cape Petit Thouras on the north, and 55 miles deep, and Yung-hing bay and Port Lezaref at its head offer excellent shelter. The shores of the bay are winding and mostly low, and vessels can anchor in a moderate depth off them with safety.
The north and south shores of Broughton Bay are commanded by lofty heights near the sea. The Belavenz montains, about 15 miles south-west of cape Duroch, are respectively 6.092 and 5.884 feet above the sea; and the north at 24 miles in the interior,W.N.W. of cape Petit Thouras, mout Hienfung reaches the height of 8114 feet. The shores, although wooded and verdant, are varied occassional by waste lands and
rocky cliffs.

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