Map report Template.

Sometimes I got e-mail about naming inspectino on the maps from reader, thank you very much.
But. we need to know the process of hydrographic names each era, not only the name of "Sea of Japan" but also East China Sea, and Strait of Corea, and Broughton Bay, So I create template for reporting the map.

Map report Template.
1. Year, Map name, and publisher, and city
2. digital archive website adress, and the library stocked.
3.the place of name as follows.
a the name of "East China SEA"
b the name of "Strait of Corea"
c the name of "East Coast of Corea" , or "Broughton Bay
d the name of "Sea of Japan"
e the name of Kamchacca Sea or Tataristan strait.
f the name of Philippiines sea or Pacific ocean

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