1690-17120.Tartary Prince and Societas Iesu (memo)

Just a memorandam about Tartary Prince and Societas Iesu

1689 Antnonio Toma report about Corai information to many people. The map of Corai already stocked and inform europe he will send Corai map.
1690 Toma reported to Dilso Gonzarez about the route from Beijing to Corai and iteniery.
Toma's Corai map sent to Europe.

1697 12.08 Anthonio Toma give Tartary Map to Emperror.

1699 Anthonio Tomas nad Tomas Bereilla walked Eastern Tartary to prepare for Emperror journiey.

1704 Tartary Prince, Te Ignacio teach Chistian in Xingyang瀋陽  
    and Ammok鴨緑江 they give the rerouces about Chiristian to Corean.

1708 康熙帝 orderd to send three Padre to make maps of Great Wall.
Two misionary been to Tartary.
1709 Yezus missionary start to prepare for making Corai maps.

1710.”Collectana Historiae Sinensis”1710 By トマス ドゥニン シュボット (Polish)
Chater 4 and 5 Royaume de Coree 

1711 Mar, Missionary said it is impossible to enter Corai and Tibet.
Jun Brder between Tartary East and Coree open by the order of Emprerror康熙帝
    Yezus got permission from the Emperror康熙帝 to open new church nearby Corai border. Xingyang瀋陽
    and Corean diplomat missionary can meet to Cathoric Missionary from this year.
1712 Jun 18 The monument had built at the border of Tartary and Corai.

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