US to keep using term `Sea of Japan,` not `East Sea`

According to the Dong-a ilbo in South Korea on 17th Feb 2012, US replies to Korean lobbiest that US to keep using term `Sea of Japan,` not `East Sea`

It is quite fair decision US doesnt accept Korean fake propaganda of East sea -NOsea of Japan which Korean claims it derives from Japan's annexation of Korea 1910.

The blogger all here realize that Commandar Mattew Perry on boarding USS Sasquehana use the name of "Sea of Japan" on 1850's and Daehan Imperial (Korean Imperial) use the name of "Sea of Japan from late or 1880's , before annexation of Korea on 1910.
1856.(1855)Narrative of expedition of American squadron to Japan by Mattew.C.Perry Narrative of the expedition of an American Squadron
Korean use the name of "Sea of Japan" before annexation "

Dave Marsden was cheated by Koreans, but the Department of State isn't cheated by Korean fake propaganda.
Dave Marsden, You are CHEATED by KOREANS!

Quote; from Dong-A irbo http://english.donga.com/srv/service.php3?biid=2012021733968
US to keep using term `Sea of Japan,` not `East Sea`
a Korean-American group’s request for using the moniker “East Sea,” the official name used by Korea, the U.S. State Department responded that it will keep referring to the body of water separating Korea and Japan as “Sea of Japan.”

In a letter to the New York Korean-American Parents Association, which made the request, the State Department said that while it understood Korea’s use of the name "East Sea," Washington’s long-standing and consistent policy is to refer to the body of water as “Sea of Japan.”

Signed by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell, the letter said the U.S. hopes that Korea and Japan seek an agreement on the name of the sea through the International Hydrographic Organization.

The Korean-American association informed The Dong-A Ilbo of the letter Thursday. The letter was in response to the group’s request for a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to petition Washington’s use of “East Sea” early this month.


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