1863.Yedo and Peking. A narrative of a journey to the capitals of Japan and China

Yedo and Peking. A narrative of a journey to the capitals of Japan and China (1863)
Author: Fortune, Robert, 1813-1880
Publisher: London, J. Murray
Year: 1863

attached map:"The map of Japan and north China"
Sea of Japan: "Sea of Japan"

This site provides the full image of this map and confirms the name of Sea of Japan.

Sea of Japan: The Sea of Japan
Strait of Korea; Strait of Korea
Broughton Bay;Broughton Bay
East China Sea: Eastern Sea or Tunghai

Text: East China Sea : Tung-Hai or Eastern Sea,
On the morning of the 29th of July, 1861, the "Fiery Cross,' Captain Crockett, in which I was a passenger, got her steam up and stood out to sea. As we passed rapidly onwards towards the mouth of the bay, the towns of Yokuhama and Kanagawa, with the well^-known beadIslands in their vicinity, gradually to the green hills and lovely scenery of Japan. We had a pleasant passage down the North Pacific Ocean, through Van Dieman's Strait, and across the Tung-Hai or Eastern Sea, and arrived at Shanghae in China on a hot morning on the 4th of August.

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