Dave Marsden, You are CHEATED by KOREANS!

According to the Korean media, Mersdin explained that there are the naming confusion about Sea of Japan after during the annexation of Korea (*1910)

But, those Marsdin's explanation is totally wrong. It is the around 1780-1830 the name of Sea of Japan estblished as a global standard, ofcourse it is before annexation of Korea. I guess Dave Marsden are cheated by Korean lier-fascist nationalist. Dave Mardin's epic fail!リンク
Korean claims that the name of Sea of Japan by the japan's imperiarism, is totally wrong claim.

Korean Imperial (Daehan Imperial) use the name of Sea of Japan before annexation of Korea on 1910. There are a Korean textbook published on 1897 and 1899 which writes sea of Japan.

Ofcourse, in the United States they use the name of Sea of Japan at least 1850's when commandar Mattew Perry on boarding USS Sasquehana and arrival Japan, he use the name of Sea of Japan in his chart.

The name of Sea of Japan was established by the effort of the survey by La Perouse and Krusenstern around the Sea of Japan during 1790-1830 ages. The blanc waters of the chart solved by their survey and "the Sea of Japan" and "Strait of Corea" become internatinal standard name. UK and France sailing guide around east asia they all write the name of "Sea of Japan" around 1830-1850's.

Dave Mersden's SB200 are stupid.

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