1856.(1855)Narrative of expedition of American squadron to Japan by Mattew.C.Perry

Narrative of the expedition of an American squadron to the China Seas and Japan : performed in the years 1852, 1853, and 1854, under the command of Commodore M.C. Perry, United States Navy, by order of the Government of the United States (1856)
Author: Perry, Matthew Calbraith, 1794-1858; Lilly, Lambert, 1798-1866; Jones, George, 1800-1870
Volume: v. 1
Subject: United States Naval Expedition to Japan, 1852-1854
Publisher: Washington : Beverley Tucker, printer
Year: 1856 (Attached map:1855)

Attached map;http://www.archive.org/stream/narrativeofexped0156perr#page/n346/mode/1up
Sea of Japan:J A P A N S E A
Strait of Korea:KOREA CHANNEL
broughton bay; Gulf of Corea

The photos below are the another images of Chart by Commandar Mattew Perry , another blogger's post. Ofcourse they use the name of "Sea Of Japan"


井蛙草庵(せいあ そうあん) 第一巻 2006/6/1 「第5話 古地図(3) 日本列島」  古地図

Salty Freinds通通信:2008年11月10日 ■□ 船長の見たペリー艦隊 ☆最終回☆ By大河原明徳さん □■

P.S Dear Dave Merdison, you claimed "the name of Sea of Japan distorted during annexation of Korea on 1910"? I guess LIER Korean association cheats you with fake Korean govemental anti-Japan propagaganda. You must realize their propaganda is fake, by the Mattew Perry Map and Korean Imperial's textbooks and official documents before 1910. shame on you.

Korean scholor Sangbok D. Hahn(韓相復)'s blog explained the name of Sea of Japan had already established as a international mane when China pilot (1861)was published.

동해의 국제적 명칭은 Sea of Japan으로 이미 이 때 굳어졌으며, 그 근원은 La Perouse의 과학적 탐사결과 입니다. 이제 우리가 할 일은 동해를 접하고 있는 연안국 모두가 부르기 좋은 이름으로 고치는 협의 입니다. China Pilot는 중국수로지(中國水路誌)라고 번역할 수 있으며, 동북이시아 해역의 항해안전을 위한 안 http://seaofjapan-noeastsea.blogspot.com/2009/07/1861china-pilot-third-edidtionking-john.html
Sea of Japan ,the international name for Donghae(East Sea) had already estabished, that is originate from the survey and study by La Perouse (on 1790's).

It means, he admit the name of Sea of Japan is NOT Japan's imperiarism under the annexation of Korea.

Dear Virginia citizens, Please not vote for Sen.Dave Mardison the nuts. He was easily cheated by Korean fake govemental anti-Japan propaganda and I dont think he can decide right political decision who supports SB200 are just judges from Korean wrong propaganda paper.

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