Osaka Univ. Digital Archives Map survery for "Sea of Japan" description.

I did checkd the Western antiqume map colelction Digital archives in Osaka University here. 26Dec2008. The result of "Sea of Japan" description as follows
1651-1700 Sea of China 1(100%)
1701-1750 Oriental Sea 2(33%) Korean Sea 1(16%) Sea of Japan 2(33%) Kamchzca Sea 1(16%) total 6
1751-1800 Korean Sea 5 (100%) total 5
1801-1850 Sea of Japan 10( 100%) total 10
1851-1900 Sea of Japan 7 (100%) total 7 
Gttl 29 Map List (Excel File)

There are no map found describes "East Sea". Not so much difference with another survery incruding the result by Ministery of Foreing affairs of Japan, also 1701-1750, both Japan and Korea name is mixed, and 1750-1800 Korea name is increasing. Afterthe navigaton of La Perouse and Krusestern around Sea of Japan, 1801-1850 Sea of Japan dominates of its own name in the place of "Sea of Japan "Today.

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