Korean's "East Sea" in the 13th Century in world maps? No!, It is distorture.

I really got shocked that Korean scolor claims real idiot and ignorance. Im not sure he insist intentional or just a igrorance. Anyway,check it below text by Korean co-called scolor Sinh Kim金新 in Kyunghee Univ in S.Korea.

---quote from Shin Kim's "East Sea Forum---
On top of this, the history since the 13th century, when the East Sea first appeared in world maps, was divided up into centuries for convenience. Each century was examined and analysed to study the process of transitions in the East Sea naming.

--quote end--

Im not sure which map he claims on his forum. The famous map known for China on 1185 is 古今華夷區域揔要圖 made in China. There discribes East Sea東海,which means "China"Eastern Sea. There locates between west of Korean Peninsula and east of China. It is no relation with "Korean" East Sea.

At least Korean's oldest map is published on 15Century so it cannot confirmed Korean East Sea on 13th century.

Vinland Map, Carpine, Yale University, 1440 - MARE OCCEANUM ORIENTALE

  Talking about European maps, Everyone know there are no world maps describes Korea in 13th Century. The name of "Oriental sea/ocean"/"Ocean Evos Orientalis" was described on various locations, e.g. Indian Oean, South East Asia, South China Sea , Philippine Sea, mostly, it has used as the meaning of "Eastern Edge of the World" in each era and it depends on the improvement of world geographic knowledge. Ofcourse Those are not meant to write "Corea East Sea". On Those maps, Korea and Korean Peninsula was no recognized at all.

Around the 16-17th Century, prominent description for for Sea of Japan was "blank" or "Mer de Cin(China) or Mer Orientale". But Checking the maps, there describes "Mer Orientale", some is only Sea of Japan part and some describes both Sea of Japan and south side of Japan coast, as the meaning "The Sea around Japan Islet ".

Korea Peninsula had been considered as "island", separate from China" in early stages when Korea had been recognized in the world map around 16th century. On 17th century it was recognized as "peninsula".Around 1720-1730's Danville' translated Huang-yu quan-lan-tu輿全覧図  in China and he introduced China and Corea to the European country, "Mer du Coree"or "Corean Sea" name had been increasing on European Maps from 1730-1780's ,although "Eastern Sea" or "Oriental Sea" was minority in the world maps.

(later I will upload map list and details "Oriental Sea" in the maps)

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