Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antque maps Inc digital archives , survey for Sea of Japan description

ON 2008-12.24 to 25 I checked Website of Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antque maps Inc. I checked antique map stocks in four category as follows

1550-1600 Chinese Sea 1(100%)
1601-1650 0
1651-1700 Chinese Sea 1(33%) Oriental Sea 2(66%) total 3
1701-1750 Chinese Sea 2(20%)Oriental Sea 1(10%) Easterm Sea 2(20%) Korean sea 2(20%) Japan Sea 3(30%) total 10
1751-1800 Oriental Sea 1(7%) Korean Sea 8(57%) Japan Sea 5(35%) total 14
1801-1850 Korean Sea 3(15%) Japan Sea 16(84%) total 19
1851-1900 Japan Sea 36(100%)  total 36
Gttl 83 Map List (Excel File)

There are no map found describes "East Sea" It is not so much much difference between the result above and another survery incruding the result by Ministery of Foreing affairs of Japan, also 1701-1750, both "Japan" and "Korea" and other name were mixed , and 1750-1800 "Korea" name was increasing. Afterthe navigaton of La Perouse and Krusestern around Sea of Japan, 1801-1850 Sea of Japan dominates of its own name in the place of "Sea of Japan "Today and "Sea of Korea" discription rapidly dicrease in 1830-1840's. Ofcourse those process was undergoing before Annexation of Korea on 1910. So It is confirmed that Korean Claim is distorture "Sea of Japn"naming is colonial and expansionsism name.

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