Korean historical distorture movement on library

The Youtube video brainwashed nationalist Korean appeal and promote the movement to put the "East Sea" patch onto atlas having a original descrpition of "Sea of Japan". Original description of document ,maps and primary source should not be distort.

以下の動画は、韓国人が図書館においてある”日本海”を記した地図に、”East Sea"のシールを貼り付けよう、という動画です。 一次資史料や地図の改竄はとんでもない暴挙です。

The movie above seems to be the library in South Korea. Korean media reported that Korean association in Chicago will do a movmement "delete Sea of Japan" at the Library of U.N Hammarskjöld, main universities and so on.

また、シカゴ韓人会は、アメリカ議会図書館、UNハマーショルド図書館、 アメリカの主要大学の図書館や出版社が所蔵する文献で竹島と日本海表記を 独島と東海と正す、独島守護国際連帯の事業に積極的に協力する計画だ。
聯合ニュース(韓国語) 2011/12/10

Those insane movement comes from their Anti-Japan brainwashed propaganda education when they were in kindergarden . Then they do the justification of illegal occupation of Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) and rewrite chats of Sea of Japan with wrong grounds claimed by Korean govt".

Korean's anti-Japan brainwash propaganda at the school list.

Ofcourse, reader of my blogger knows Sea of Japan is right term and nothing to do with Japan's annexation of korea or imperiarism. It is international standard/conventional term comes from La Peoruse or Krusenstern's effort to survey around the Sea of Japan and Korean Imperial use the name of Sea of Japan alredy in 1899 before Russo-Japan war 1904 and annexation of Korea 1910 without "forced by Japan imperial".
Age of Voyage of Discovery around Sea of Japan 1780-1830
・Pilot ,Hidrographic magazine ,and Admiraly Chart 、Geography gazette and Sea of Japan, Strait of Corea, and Brougthon bay.
Korean use the name of "Sea of Japan" before annexation "


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