1901-12.Papers on Mollusca of Japan

Papers on Mollusca of Japan (1901-12) by Pilsbry, Henry Augustus, b. 1862

Proceedings of the academy of Dagelet Island Now Known as Matsu-shima. A small and little-known island , in the Sea of Japan , east of Corea. See Travels, p.174 Adams visited the island, which is inhabited or at least used as a Haliotis-fishing station by Coreans, on the 28th of June, 1859. It is densely wooded, with a central peak 4,000 feet high. In the Travels, p. 178, a slug "with the mantle covering the whole of its back"(probably Philomycus) and a Zua (Coehlieopa) are mentioned.
In the paper on Japanese Helieidae only two species are given ;
Helix (Camcena) luchuana Sowb. (?).
Helix (Patula) elatior A. Ad.
It is the only locality for the latter species. The identification of H. luhuana is doubtful.

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