1590-1592. Ignacio Moreira visit Japan

There are the description of "Sea of Japan" in the Historia de las cosas más notables, ritos y costumbres del gran reyno de la China ,published by Juan Gonzalez de Mendoza.Second devision Volume 3 was written by Martin Ignacio de Loyola. He did quoted the report about Japan by Ignacio Moreira who visit Japan during 1590-1592 and met Alexandro Valignano during his stay in Japan. Though Ignassio Moreira's Map of Japan is no longer exist, there are many Japanese map based on the information and design by Ignacio Moreira in Europe,e.g. Luis Teixeira and Dudley's map and so on.
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(ゴンザレス・メンドーサ シナ大王国誌 大航海時代 書Ⅶ 岩波書店 P540)
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