(Joseon) East Sea on Korean Maps

There are so many antique map in Korea but there are only small number of Map which describes East Sea東海. But those maps they descrbes "East Sea" just on THE SHORE of EAST COAST of The Peninsula, where today's Donghae-City. It is not deep water on the Sea of Japan. They use the word just for a sea in the "east" direction, not East sea paticular name and clear definiation. It is same logic that Japan called it North Sea till Edo-Era. So the Sea of Japan should be re-named "North Sea"? Some Korean record said it is "Big Sea大海 over the East Sea東海. Maybe the Big Sea means Sea of Japan in their recognization.

1530 Paldo-Jido

After D'anville introduced Corea throuhgh Chinese Map around 1720's, "Mer Du Coree" is increased temporary, till La Perouse's discovery navigation around Mer Du Japon and Detroit de Coree. They think much importance on actual survey and explorer ,like La Perouse, Broughton, and Krusenstern than just a writing like D'anville. Before actual survey around Sea of Japan, some French maps describes East Sea as "Sea of Japan"part and some as French map "Broughton Bay "part. So it is not concreted recognizaton of Mer du Coree or east sea.
Today, we call this area as "East Korean Gulf/TongChosongMan東朝鮮湾 Two map below describes East Sea, just a coastal area between 豆満江-Wonsan元山-Ulluengdo鬱陵島. It is not on the deep water on the Sea of Japan. On Franch maps Mer du Coree or Gulf de Coree seems to be referenced from those Korean antique maps? And the Mer du Coree is change to Korean Gulf or East Korean gulf,Broughton Bay. .See the two european map after the two map below.
Left:18世紀末期 『輿地図』 朝鮮日本琉球国圖 古4709-78 Korea
Right:1847-1852(1876)海國圖志(淸,魏源,1794-1856) China

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Following Korean's logic, Pacific Ocean should all renamed "East Sea" because Japan call Pacific ocean coastal area as 東海To-kai(East Sea) and South China Sea shuold renamed "East Sea" because vietnam call it Vien Dong(East Sea) so all the area on the Internatinal charts become East Sea around all East Asia. It must makes sailor confusion. Dont you think it is smart idea to rename it?

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