1906.The battle of the Sea of Japan

 The battle of the Sea of Japan by N. L. Klado The battle of the Sea of Japan by Nicolas Klado and numerous other officers, eye-witnesses, and commanders of vessels who participated in the battles of Tsushima and Matsushima. An authorised translation from the Russian, (1906)
by J. H. Dickinson and F.P. Marchant.
Published 1906 by Hodder and Stoughton in London

*although generally, the naval battle is called "the battle of Tushima" or "The battle of Sea of Japan", Nicolas Klado says it is "The Battle of the Sea of Japan" is the two battle one is Battle of Tushima and the other is Battle of Matsusima (Dagelet/Ulluengdo).

Broughton Bay; Gulf of Korea

Korea Strait;Tusima Strait/Strait of Korea

Attached map;Map of the theatre of Walike operations

Matsu-sima(Dagelet Ulluengdo)

According to the captain of the Grozny, he went north with the torpedo boat destoroyer "Biedovy" on board which were admiral Rozhestvensky and his staff. North of the island of Dazhelet (Matsushima) our destroyers met two larger Japanese destroyers, which offered battle. At that time of the encouter we saw that the "Biedovy was destoyed by the explosion. The fate of the Admiral is unknown. In the course of the action the Grozny sank one destoyer.

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