1851.J.H Kemet Japan and Corea

Stupid Kim Munguil-Korean historical distorture demacogy speaker-claimed that Tsusima island of Japan was territory of Korea.

He shows the map by J.H.Kemet and reported it is made on c.a. 1790.  It is difficult to check the painting color of Tsushima in the photo Newsis. .There are another image in Davidramsey which paints Tushima Japanese color.on 1851.


Kim Munguil distorts Dagelet Island is "dokdo" on this map. He is idiot because he doesn't know Dagelet island (Ulleungdo) is discoveed by La Perouse and named it so ?  His Plan de L'Ile Dagleet the island is two-small inhabited island of Takeshima(dokdo)? Never!  The plan de L(ile Daglet it is appearently today's Ulluengdo. On Europe, Takeshima or Dokdo was named Lianourt ROcks on 1847. french whaleship Liancourt "Discovered" the two small rocks. He is real stupid and low level Koreans. I recommend him to go councelling.

The Korean peninsula design is slim-shaped one from Krusenstern's map of Korea on 1826. Before 1826, like La Perouse map, Korean peninsula design described as fatty image like D'anville Royaume de Coree.  Therefore It is doulbtful that the map which Kim-munguil suggested was made before 1826.


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