West Philippine Sea??? No it is South China Sea!

President Aquino newly claimed the name of West Philippne Sea on 5Sep2012 and refutal claim by Communist China on 13Sep.

Aquino signs order on West Philippine Sea
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"By virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution and by law, do hereby order... The maritime areas on the western side of the Philippine archipelago are hereby named as the West Philippine Sea," President Aquino said in Administrative Order No. 29, signed last September 5. 

China Voice: "West Philippine Sea" re-naming is politically short-sighted By Wang Aihua (Xinhua)
BEIJING, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Despite China urging the Philippines to ease tensions over Huangyan Island and promote bilateral ties, the country has officially named maritime areas near its coast, including part of China's territories in the South China Sea, the "West Philippine Sea."

It is no problem if Philippine use the name of "West Philippine Sea" in their domestic use only.  But it will be troublesome if they claims it in the hydrographic conferences e.g. IHO and so on. It is because IHO already recognize it is "South China Sea" as global standard.

If Korean claim their "East Sea" name on their domestic use ,there would be no problem but they start claim with distorture in the IHO they become problem nation.

On the other hand, , China's claim is groundless too that they claim "incruding part of China's terrotiries in the South China Sea".  Sea name is nothing to do with EEZ or territorial issue.It is just a geographical or hydrographical naming issue.  South Korea claims sea name with territorial issue , the illagally assaulted and illegally occupied by Korea, Takeshima(Liancourt Rocks) ,territory of Japan in Japan Sea.

On Iho there are a Ocean name ,named after both Philippine and China. one is Philippine Sea and the other is South China Sea. Same like Sea of Japan and Strait of Korea.
Below is the International hygrographic Organization Chart S-52 and the suppliment.

49-South China Sea
On the East:  From Tanjong Sambar through the West coast of Borneo to Tanjong Sampanmangio, the North point, thence a line to West Points of Balabac andSecam Reefs, on the West point of Bancalan Island and to Cape Buliluyan, the Southwest point of Palawan, through this island to Cabuli Point, the Northern point thereof, thence to the Northwest point of Busuanga and to Cape Calavite in the island of Mindanao, to the Northwest point of Lubang Island and Point Fuego in Luzon Island, thorugh this island to Cape Engano, the Northeast point of Luzon, along a line joining this cape with the East point of Balintang Island and to the East point of Y'Ami Island thence to Garan Bi, the Southern point of Taiwan (Formosa), through this island to Santryo its North Eastern Point.  

On the North: From Fuki kaku the North point of Formosa to Kiushan Tao (TurnabourIsland) on to the South Point of Haitan Tao and thence Westward on the paralell of 25'24 Nort to the coast of Fukien

56-Philippine Sea

Is that area of the North Paicific Ocean off the Eastern coasts of the Philippne Islands, It is bounded;

On the west By the Eastern limits of the East Indian Archipelago (48) South China Sea 849) and the Eastern China Sea (50) 
On the East By the ridge joining Japan to the Bonin, Volcano and Ladrone (mariana) islands, all these being included in the Philippine Sea

i can understand phlippine's anger against China commie because they got robbed their schaborough reef by China. but Sea name and territorial dispute should be separated.

Also,United States Board of Geo Name recognized South China Sea is "Approved" name.


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