1895.Fur seal arbitration. Proceedings

Fur seal arbitration. Proceedings (1895)

Text;Sea of Japan
Arrowsmith's Chart of the Pacific Ocean. This is a large and important Map in nine sheets, specially devoted to the Pacific Ocean. Originally published in 1798. This edition with corrections to 1810. The northern edge of the Map runs about latitude 62 degrees north, and it includes the greater part of Behring Sea but shows it as a large blank unnamed space. Bristol Bay alone is rather prominently named. By constrast, the Sea of Okhotsuk: Sea of Japan, and other enclosed seas are names.

*it is interesting text in the followwing page they said Sea of Corae is Yellow SeaSea of Japan is Sea of Japan.
Senator MORGAN,- I meant to state the attitude of the United States Government towards that country- they claimed no Treaty right of going through the Straits of shimonoseki at all. They claimed it on the ground that it was part of the high sea, because it was a strait connectiong two great seas- the Sea of Japan on the south, and they Yellow Sea, I think it was, or the Sea of Corea on the north. 

The Russian fur-seal islands (1896)

text; the Japan Sea
+7.1' was fpimd at 25 meters and +4.3' at 50 meters. We jave jere absolutely the same phenomenon as in the Japan Sea, viz, that the cold water predominates in the lower beds of the western portion of the sea. the identical phenomenon has been observerd in the Okhotsuk Sea and the Straits of Tartary.

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